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5 reasons why your Facebook Ads are not working

Facebook has become one of the platforms for advertisers. On the one hand, because the company can reach an extremely large number of people via Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, and on the other hand, because more and more options are being offered that help with precisely this. But therein also lies the difficulty, because many digital marketers are unsure how exactly they can get the most out of their Facebook Ads. Converting traffic into conversions is often particularly difficult. Many advertisers make five mistakes, which Kristopher Jones from Search Engine Journal has uncovered.

1. You don't have enough data on your audience

Without the right Facebook audience, it's extremely difficult to create ads that work well on Facebook. So before you create a campaign, work on gathering more data about your audience. Facebook offers some interesting options here. You can upload and use various data that you already have. This includes, for example, email data and information about purchases made in the last 30 days.

Jones gives the tip to start as large as possible with campaigns and gradually find out who exactly your customers are. Start with half a million impressions without a lot of budgets and first observe who interacts with your ad or even converts. 2.

2. You don't optimize the targeting parameters

If your ads aren't being served to the right audience, you're throwing your budget out the window. To avoid this, you should create a buyer persona, which can be divided into three areas:

Demographics (age, gender, origin, income, location, etc.)

Psychographics (interests, likes, lifestyle)

Behaviour (shares, comments, interactions, buying behavior)

3. Facebook users are not on the platform to shop.

While Facebook is working hard to change this, most users are not on the platform to buy products. Instead, they want to stay in touch with people they know, visit some groups and share their own content. Adverts can perform well in the sense that many users click, but very few will buy anything. Therefore, it might be worthwhile for you to think about adjusting the goals of your ads. Instead, you could, for example, run ads to get users to attend an event or simply to promote your brand.

4. You are not segmenting your ad campaigns

If your ads generate a lot of impressions but hardly any clicks, it will be worth your while to run A/B tests. There are several parameters that you can and should include in your tests:

  • The message

  • The images

  • The landing page

  • The target group segmentation

  • Test your way through this bit by bit. In time you will know where A/B testing is worthwhile and where it is not.

5. You have problems later in the funnel

If your ads don't lead to conversions, there's also a chance that it's not the ads, but problems later in the funnel. In this case, check,

whether your message in the ads and your landing page plus website is consistent.

How the UX and loading times of the website are.

how good your content is.

whether you can offer your visitors what you promise.

Read the original German article here

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