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Artificial Intelligence Used to Analyze Opinions Through Brain Activity | Unite.AI


Researchers from the University of Helsinki have come up with a new technique to analyze opinions and draw conclusions using brain activity.

This brain sourcing helps classify images or recommend content.

What is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is used whenever a complex task is broken down into smaller tasks which are then distributed to large groups of people who solve them individually.

The researchers wanted to investigate whether this same thing can be applied to image recognition by using people’s natural reactions without them doing any actions.

The study

30 volunteers were shown human faces on a computer display. No further action was required beyond observation. Brain activity was collected and AI algorithm used this to learn to recognize images.

The challenges, however, are that technology is limited. Current methods capture very limited brain activity.

The development of this technology will enable the extraction of information with very little effort on the humans part.

Read the original article here


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