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Hashtag campaigns of brands often fizzle out

Three out of four US consumers are not willing to use brand hashtags in social media. They are much more inclined to interact with social media stories, i.e. certain image collections of brands. This is the result of a survey by Visual Objects.

User-generated content is important for brands, but hashtag campaigns are not very effective. According to the study, three out of four US consumers would not post a hashtag. Reviews are preferred.

"Considering the image of the customer"

"Consumers have a vested interest in creating content and interacting with brands. They work on their personal brand on the Social Web. That's why there are often many free riders, especially in socio-political movements. Brands have to consider the image of their customers when designing hashtag campaigns. If the content is too complex or questionable, users are rather unwilling to be associated with it," says Markus Hübner, social media expert and CEO of Brandflow, in an interview with the news portal Pressetext.

Visual Objects interviewed 401 US consumers about their interactions with brands. 75 percent would not post a hashtag of brands. In the past three months, only eleven percent have interacted with a hashtag campaign. The most common form of user-generated content is online reviews. 26 percent like to post reviews about brands. A quarter of those surveyed have read reviews from other users in the past three months.

Social media stories popular

One in five consumers would create a video of how they use a branded product. 40 percent of users would most like to interact with brands via social media stories on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook 27 percent also like to watch live streams and use filters and augmented reality lenses of brands.

Read the original German article here


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