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How to Market Your Business During Times of Uncertainty

Content marketing is facing some challenging times. So how do you set your brand up

for success?

Determining what your business should be communicating now is harder than ever with the consumer focus changing in light of the current events.

How do you rise above the noise, create engagement, create affinity and loyalty around your mission? Here are tips to get you started :

  • Reevaluate; Go back to the why - your core business mission will help you identify expectations and how you can best meet them.

  • Avoid the “Hard Sell Ad”; lean into empathy - Do not overlook humility when trying to interact with your audience.

  • Notice how the conversation has shifted - overall messaging has increased significantly. concern, care, levity and support are themes to use to help people stay connected and alleviate stress and anxiety.

Listening to the trends in conversations during this time and what your consumers need will continue to be important long after the pandemic.

Dedicate time to building brand awareness and trust. This will pay off and allow you to prepare for unanticipated road bumps ahead.

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