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Instagram introduces interactive stickers to Stories Ads

As of today, brands can place interactive survey stickers in their ads, and also promote commitment.

Instagram Stories dominate the platform. The numerous functions and possibilities fascinate 500 million users every day. It is hardly surprising that the social network is now bringing some of the most popular interactive features to the paid area.

Survey stickers in paid stories Ads

GIFs and Co. enjoy great popularity in the organic stories of brands and users. They actively involve the followers and also promote commitment. Logically, they would also be included in the Paid Stories Ads at some point. The survey sticker makes its debut here, as Instagram announced yesterday. Not only does it have a positive effect on interactions, it's also a useful tool for motivating users to stay on the ad. For example, the views of three-second videos in beta campaigns could be increased in nine out of ten cases. In addition, Instagram states that the brands that took part in the test have already achieved success. Dunkin' Donuts has reduced its cost-per-video view by 20 percent and Next Games Stories ads have increased App Installs by 40 percent thanks to the survey ticker.

Placing the Survey Sticker in a Stories Ad is quite simple: Business Accounts select Instagram Stories as the only Ad Placement in the Ads Manager. When uploading, just tick the Add interactive survey checkbox and the ad can be published.

Stories have become a fixed element of Instagram strategies

No format is currently more popular than Instagram Stories - they are already so indispensable that they have become an integral part of many strategies. 60 percent of brands represented on Instagram already use interactive stickers in their stories. If the success with the stickers in the Stories Ads is successful, it can be assumed that Instagram will provide further interactive elements from the organic Stories for Ads as well. How companies proceed with the completed surveys and the resulting results and whether they then post them in organic stories will be shown in practice. In any case, the stickers enable the brands to communicate even more directly with their followers and to implement creative campaigns.

The worldwide rollout of the feature has begun, but can take several days as usual.

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