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Reinventing With Content: 3 Brands Find New Paths

What do you do when your normal business model doesn’t work anymore?

These three organizations tuned in to content marketing.

One found a viral hit when it promoted its new business service model.

One engaged formerly in-person fans in a spirited online event – and received requests to do more.

One may add a media brand to its mix as it forges a new (digital) runway.

Barbara Bush Branch Library: Curbside Larry is born

Curbside service became the business model for most libraries due to the pandemic, including for the Barbara Bush Branch Library in the Harris County Public Library system in Texas. While patrons used the service, the library was nowhere near as busy as it had been.

As they pondered what a commercial for a library would look like, they concluded it would have a low-budget, local feel. That birthed the “Curbside Larry” in a 74-second video.

The tweet on the Harris County Public Library system account received over a million views and the post on the Barbara Bush Branch Library Facebook page now hovers around 280,000 views.

The video was mentioned on BuzzFeed, CBS This Morning, and it even led to a segment on Good Morning America. Though just introduced, the character made Texas Monthly’s Most Iconic Local TV & Billboard Legends in Texas list.

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