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When am I supposed to send it?

A Study on the perfect delivery times for newsletters

When is the perfect day to send email campaigns and at what time are opening and click rates particularly high? The study by Newsletter2Go provides exciting insights. [Ad]

The question of the ideal sending time is probably one of the most difficult to answer in the field of e-mail marketing and therefore represents a great challenge for many marketers. There is no universal solution, but the answer is not impossible. How exactly you find the perfect time to send your newsletter and how newsletter senders generally choose their delivery times can be found out in the new study by Newsletter2Go.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - 7 days, 7 choices. Or?

Granted: For every day of the week there are arguments that make it the perfect shipping day. On Monday everyone is still fresh and reading their e-mails with an empty head and plenty of time. After all, the week just started. The same could also be said for Friday: Friday is the last day of the week when there is plenty of time for everything that has been left behind during the week.

But it's not quite that simple, because such explanations are usually purely speculative. But it is still possible to find the perfect dispatch time without falling for philosophical theories. As basis studies can be consulted, like those of Newsletter2Go. Considered in this evaluation were altogether 231,811 new type character from over 40 industries.

According to the study, the working days perform best

Especially during the week the mailboxes of the recipients are loaded with e-mails. Most mails are sent on Wednesdays - according to the study by Newsletter2Go. However, Friday has the highest opening and click rate. But that does not make it still for a long time the perfect dispatch day. Because Friday is not ideal for every industry and every topic. B2B companies, for example, will reach fewer recipients in the office on Friday than on Wednesday.

Wochentag = day of the week; Anzahl E-Mails = number of emails; Öffnungsrate = opening rate; Abmelderate = unsubscribe rate

It all depends on the industry and the recipient!

The activities of the individual target groups are quite different depending on the industry. The visitor activity on your website offers you orientation. When are the most visitors on the pages on the road, when do most orders come in or when are there most registrations?

A further indication for a suitable time of dispatch is the industry. While B2B recipients increasingly have access to their company e-mail address during working hours during the day and also read there regularly, end consumers are more likely to be out and about in their mailboxes after working hours.

Morning, noon, evening?

Sending in the morning is a good idea if you know that the recipients are early risers. In the evening, the competition in the mailbox is particularly low. During the day, you will definitely reach people in the office. In the Newsletter2Go mailing time study it turned out that most mailings are sent between 7am and 3pm on weekdays. The best opening rate, on the other hand, was in the evening.

And what does that mean?

Quite simply. There is a way to help you through the forest of perfect times: Test! Send mailings at different times and observe how the performance differs. Of course you shouldn't just do one test. It is best to divide your mailing into different recipient groups (depending on the size of your address book) and send it at different times of the day or on different days of the week. Collect the data over a long period of time and find out which time is the best time for your recipients.

Only those who test and observe can find the perfect time

The study by Newsletter2Go offers an excellent insight into the performance of newsletters at different delivery times and thus an initial orientation to find the perfect delivery time. However, you should be aware that these values cannot make a universal statement, because the perfect sending time depends above all on your target group. So: Test, test, test and observe how the performance of your campaigns changes at the different delivery times. In this way you can determine your very own perfect delivery time.

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