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10 Email List Management Software Tools to Grow Your Brand

Have you ever received some sparkling email marketing campaigns and thought, “wow that was properly executed and so accurate to me, how did they know?”

Email lists are such a big aspect of email marketing as they enable brands to target the right subscribers thus grow their leads.

To keep ROI in check, you need some good tools. This list of the 10 best email marketing tools saves you the hustle of researching:

  1. Hubspot - Free plan, or $800/mo

  2. Zapier - Free plan, or $19-$599

  3. OptinMonster -$19-$49/mo

  4. Campaign Monitor- $9-$149/mo

  5. MailChimp - $9-$299/mo

  6. Drupal - Price available by contacting

  7. Constant Contact - $20 -$45/mo

  8. Active Campaign - $9

  9. Mad Mimi - $10

  10. AdRoll - starts at $300/mo

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