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11 Public Speaking Tips From the World's Best Speakers & Communication Experts

Are your presentations awe-inspiring or yawn-inspiring?

Do you remember when Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone on January 9th 2007? It was the most captivating product launches in history.

It was Steve’s unique presentation style of transforming a typical dull, technical slide-show into a theatrical event complete with heroes, villains, a supporting cast and a

stunning back-drop.

Even if you are not the star of a highly anticipated product launch, or a best-selling author or an entrepreneur, chances are you are going to be standing in front of an audience at some point in your career.

Source: Unsplash

Here are some lessons from the world’s most captivating presenters and communication experts:

  • Start with a clear message.

  • Begin on paper, not PowerPoint.

  • Think of your presentation as a story.

  • Tell your story in three acts.

  • It’s not always about being unique

  • You don’t need to memorize word-for-word.

  • Speak from the heart.

  • Use compelling imagery as a component in your speech.

  • Ditch the bullet points.

  • Spend time rehearsing

  • Use plain English

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