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12 Best Email Footer Examples to Inspire You in 2021

What is an email footer?

Email footers contain important information for your customers. Your subscribers will check out the footer for more information about the brand, your contact information and managing email preferences.

Most footers will have the following:

  • Contact information including postal address

  • A company logo or branding

  • An unsubscribe link/button

  • A call to action

  • Your website or a shopping link

  • How to contact customer support

  • Anything legally required by your local anti-spam and privacy laws

It’s an important thing to have a well-organized footer design for your audience.

How to design the perfect email footer

Keep it simple - There’s a lot that you can include for example logos, buttons, links, legal fine print but it’s better to keep an easily scannable design.

Make it mobile-friendly - Litmus reports that in 2019, mobile accounted for 42% of all email opens. Keep the buttons and text large enough for fingers.

Use the space - Do not crowd your content.

Include trackable links - Using trackable links will enable you to track different CTA performance

12 email footers examples to inspire you in 2021




Elle Johnson Co

Filter Easy




Local Electic

Monica Vinader


United By Blue

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