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3 Types of Backlinks You Want Your Content to Get (and How to Get Them)

Link building has been the most difficult and contradictory aspect of digital marketing. Without these links, however, your content has 0 google rankings.

SEO aside, let’s build links focusing just on getting traffic and assume Google didn’t exist.

Here are 3 click generating links to consider:

  • Links from Wikipedia - Wikipedia sends steady traffic and more link building opportunities. Craft your content in a way that it deserves Wikipedia links and don’t go overboard with too many links. This will affect your credibility. Well researched reports like surveys are good.

  • Links from trending content - Creating content on a trending topic that bloggers are hungry for. Not all trending topics will generate links though. Keep an eye on your competitors link acquisition. Serpstat provides link analysis. You can also use Google trends.

  • Links from popular discussion boards - Don’t register new accounts on platforms just for links. Instead, contribute to discussions and answer popular niche questions on your website and users will link it. Building your content strategy around answering questions. Textoptimizer shows popular questions. Buzzsumo indexes popular discussions.

Which links work best?

Monitoring referral traffic will help you identify your most successful efforts. Finteza can be used to monitor referral traffic. It shows :

  • Where in the world backlink visitors come from

  • Which calls to action they respond to best

  • How they interact with your sales funnel

Build links that bring in relevant traffic and focus on generating more clicks.

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