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4 Reputation Management Realities That All Brands Now Face

What do Beyoncé, Kate Middleton, and Harrison Ford have in common? Other than having devoted fan bases, they’re celebrities who have a reputation for giving very few interviews. They control their messaging tightly.

Despite this fact, there are millions of rabid fans who run fan accounts, who post to Reddit and Instagram, and who analyze their every move through YouTube videos and blog posts.

the internet has fueled both a huge boom in brands’ abilities to control their own reputations, as well as the decentralization of where reputation management lies.

4 Key Considerations of Reputation Management

Ratings and Reviews Are No Longer a Choice

“The rating trusted most by consumers is 4 stars followed by 4.5 and 5 stars,” according to review software company ReviewTrackers.

Tell your customers to look at positive reviews as social proof. Embrace product reviews both on your website and digital marketing efforts.

Remember to respond to negative reviews. Your prospects will hold you accountable for that action.

Social Listening Is More Complex Than Ever

Outside of owned review channels, brands must monitor reviews and conversations on channels from Facebook and Reddit to the bumper crop of industry-specific review sites such as Zocdoc and Healthgrades.

Using monitoring tools like Meltwater and Sprinklr helps brands to stay on top of what’s being said online.

Showcase Your Customers’ Words and Stories

What are some ways that your brand can leverage customer stories as social proof?

  • Proactively turn user-generated content (UGC) into social media campaigns

  • Leverage customer reviews and quotes on landing pages

  • Showcase real customer feedback in advertising

  • Address questions you’re getting from Quora, Reddit, and/or your own communities as content

  • Create animated videos featuring customer reviews

  • Integrate real questions into your chatbot scripts or FAQs

  • Highlight your review scores using in your top-navigation and/or footer

3 Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Are you encouraging your customers to talk about your brand in the places that help you to strengthen your reputation?

2. Are you showcasing the level of customer experience that your prospects can expect from your team?

3. Are you reassuring prospects that others like them trust you?

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