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5 of the Best YouTube Video Editing Tools Money Can Buy

As a video marketer, the most important part of post-production is editing.

Unpolished videos detach the users from the message you’re trying to pass across.

YouTube is the biggest video-streaming app on the internet with more than 4 million hours of content uploaded everyday.

Editing the videos you share on YouTube is essential. If you want your video clips to catch the attention of millions of viewers, the original video needs to be structured and cleared of blunders.

What should you consider when choosing editing software?

  1. The Interface - Take a peek at some YouTube images, show any samples, and seek to get a feel for the app and see if it fits you.

  2. Features - Things like transitions, effects,filters and editing tracks need to be matched to your needs.

  3. Free trial or not - You need to ensure the editing software you are choosing offers a free trial to glance at how the software works

Here are 5 of the best editing tools you can buy


It is free


  • l4 K camera and outstanding films experience

  • Quite easy to navigate and run

  • Have a versatile edition for cell phone or Ios editing!

  • Wide animation titles and credits series

  • To pick and add videos, 10 innovative video filters

  • Clear, comfortable interface

  • Full of functionality


  • Only available on IOS

  • Edit options are minimal

  • The interface cannot be customized


It has many packages, one free and one-time €59.99 purchase.


  • It's available on Windows and Mac.

  • 50 + formats are supported

  • User-friendly, responsive interface

  • Support for 4k Editing

  • Burn your DVD option project

  • Simple editing software (GIF support, reduction of noise, reversal mode, importation of social media, speed modulation, color, display frame, etc

  • It has more specialized video processing software (PIP, Audio-Mixer, Additional Text Processing, Green Screen, DVD, 3D Write, Tilt-Chip, Image Stabilization, AVI, Scene Detection, etc.).

  • It's really easy to reach for beginners.


  • It doesn't import and edit images of 360 degree

  • Do not detect objects that move

  • It doesn't set up surround sound audio

  • Missing features, such as closed subtitles, Multicam, Editing of storyboard

Final Cut Pro X


  • It supports editing of 360° video

  • Support 4K HDR

  • Great aesthetic appeal

  • Advanced features and functions for video editing

  • Templates for moving graphics

  • Innovative magnetic schedule for fast and simple editing

  • Enhanced efficiency for YouTube sharing

  • Simple-to-use interface

  • Built-in resources/templates of a good standard

  • Color correction and professional lighting

  • Automated video uploads


  • It's available only on Mac

  • No specific save function, autosave only

Power Director

The prices vary in line with your tastes from about $70 to $100 a month.


  • Fast pace rendering

  • Video software for 360 °

  • Starters' mode

  • Valued fairly

  • Fit for 4 K and 3D


  • It operates on Windows only

  • Tools for color could be better

Movavi Video Suite

Price: Movavi Video Suite is not as expensive as some of the other choices, but it's reasonable, it's about $149. It is a personal lifetime license for a PC, and a trial edition is available as well.


  • Simple to use

  • It supports 4K

  • It has a wide variety of formats


  • Optimization should be optimized beforehand

  • Limited results

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