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7 Effective Ways to Promote an Event on Facebook

An event is a fantastic opportunity to delight existing customers, while also reaching new audiences and increasing brand awareness.

How to Promote an Event on Facebook

1. As soon as you've created your event, Facebook will serve you a pop-up that reads, "Boost Your Online Event". Click "Boost Event" to promote your event to new audiences.

2. Next, fill in the Ad Creative you want to use when you promote the event, including an event description, image, and Ad Category. Here's where you want to use advertising best practices to ensure your copy and image attract new audiences when they come across your event.

3. Once you've filled out the Ad Creative, you'll want to choose the Audience you want to see your event. Plugin certain key audience factors related to your target audience, or consider using Facebook's lookalike feature to find similar people to those who already follow, Like, and engage with your content online.

4. Finally, choose the duration for which you want to promote your event. We'd recommend promoting a few weeks before the event, so your audience has time to schedule it into their calendars and even invite friends or colleagues. Additionally, you'll want to choose your budget here, as well.

Best Ways to Promote an Event on Facebook

1. Change your business' page settings so your Events are listed first when people find your business page.

2. Share and pin your event to the top of your business page.

3. Post a status highlighting the event from your business page.

4. Optimize your event page for wider reach.

5. Share your event to relevant Facebook groups.

6. Copy the link and paste it into an email newsletter, or alternative channels to broadcast it to existing leads.

7. Ask other businesses or influencers to co-host or sponsor your event so they can share your event with their audiences.

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