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7 Reasons Why Social Listening Is Important

Aktualisiert: 13. Nov. 2020

To listen first and then talk is one of the differentiators between Campaigning and more conventional approaches, according to Peter Metzinger aka Mr. Campaigning in his book Business Campaigning, published first in 2003.

As traditional marketing evolves to digital marketing, customers are more trusting of experiences that other customers share on social media, blogs or discussion boards.

Why is social listening important to your company?

  1. Social Media Strategy - Learning what people say about your brand and products and analysing competitor sentiments will save your company time and money.

  2. Performance Measurement - Helps you measure quantitative metrics(volume of conversation) and qualitative(sentiment of conversation) for short-term campaigns.

  3. Brand reputation - By actively using social listening, potentially harmful conversations can be averted, and customers can engage with your brand on social media.

  4. Product development - You are able to receive direct customer feedback about products, customer care, and more general business strategy.

  5. Competitive Insights - Monitor the general discussion about your industry as a whole by allocating time and resources to do so. Ask questions like What typically makes customers unhappy in your field of work? Is there a product that consumers desire but is not available? Is there a frequently discussed topic that your brand can use as a communication tool?

  6. Benchmarking - Social listening tools are great for benchmarking your brands to your competitors. By measuring the volume of conversation about your brand and your competitors, you are able to benchmark your social media performance

  7. Key Influencers - Influencers love to talk about products, services, and customer service issues both online and offline. Active social listening can help you identify key influencers so you can gather valuable insight about your products, brand, and industry.

Social listening is important and should be adapted into your marketing plan. Hopefully, these steps will help you implement it.

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