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9 Key Qualities of a Strong Social Media Content Strategy

1.7 Million people are using Facebook daily. Now throw in Tiktok, Instagram and you’ll realize that Social Media is all-encompassing.

Huge brand or not, it makes sense to have a social media content strategy.

How do you know you have a great strategy? Here are some tips :

  • Know your audience - basic demographics, purchase patterns, customer churn, adjacent interests, customer persona and journey maps.

  • Know yourself - Have something that people can identify your brand with.

  • You have clear measurable goals - Your goals are clear and you have tools for analyzing campaigns etc.

  • You know the competition - Perform a social media competitive analysis.

  • Understand the platforms - Which social media platforms are your clients in?

  • Understand the workflow - Tight schedules, deadlines, there’s no magic formula for your content pipeline.

  • You know how to combine content with sales - Include CTA’s in your content to guide people through your sales funnel.

  • You know content distribution channels - Put efforts into promoting your content

  • Improvement is part of the plan - Measure performance, analyze and adjust

Content creation is not the only thing you’ll need to succeed in social media. Understand your content strategy, capitalize on strengths and keep improving

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