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Automation helped this Australian marketing agency run hundreds of profitable campaigns

Like many small businesses, Eloquent is familiar with the adage "do more with less." The Australian-based digital marketing agency is a six-person team (plus a bench of creatives and technical specialists) doing the work of a full-scale marketing agency.

The problem

Before automation, lead-sharing with clients was difficult. The team constantly had to download and export lead sheets daily and couldn’t send good follow-up email sequences.

How automation stream-lined lead sharing

Zapier helped Eloquent streamline their app usage. With one Zap, the agency now shares leads with clients in real-time.

Whenever a new lead comes in through a campaign's LeadPages or Unbounce landing page, it's automatically added to the appropriate tab in the client's Google Sheet. Next, the Zap automatically emails the client with a link to the Google Sheet and a message urging the client to follow-up within 48 hours.

The results for Eloquent

  • More than 500 profitable campaigns thanks to automation.

  • More value delivered to their clients

  • Ability to use all their apps in a stream-lined way

  • Keeping costs low as a small start-up

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