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Automation Is a Mindset, Not Just a Tool

Work smarter, not harder! I am sure you have heard of this phrase. As we become faster innovators, creators and marketers, our process and procedures need to keep up with the demand we have generated. But does that mean hiring additional staff? Not necessarily.

Sometimes it just means taking a deeper look at what can be automated, and which repetitive skills can be passed off to a tool. Consider how it can help with data analytics. If it’s possible to gather all data into one tool, it becomes easier for everyone on your team to have the same information, in real-time. This can cut down the number of hours it takes to analyze and report on business-critical actions. A project that would take a couple of people to complete in a week, is now automated almost instantaneously.

Mr. Campaigning, for example, has used automation since the first tools were available. Having automation that posts every blog post immediately to a number of social media channels can not only save time, it also makes your campaigning more reliable, avoiding the possibility of forgetting to post to one social channel.

You can read more about specific tools and practices in this blog from Zapier:


Are you facing an impossible mission in the fields of leadership, marketing, communications and/or politics? – Then it's time to contact Mr. Campaigning. Since 1998 he has been supporting startups, global companies, organizations, and individuals. His clients range from "A" like ABB to "W" like the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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