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Design Tips for Non-Designers: 8 Dos and Don’ts

Many campaigners find themselves in the situation from time to time that they need to launch a website quick and dirty without the time to hire or get support from professional designers. Most platforms are making it possible to launch a website without code, and many business owners are taking advantage of the ease of use. But the one thing that can prevent you from gaining more clients, is the design. It takes a few minutes to research tips, and this article will help tremendously.

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Die besten Kampagnen sind die, die von der Zielgruppe selbst entwickelt werden. Sie erzielen bis zu vier Mal bessere Resultate.

Dafür hat business campaigning GmbH das Target Community Lab™ entwickelt, ein spezielles Workshop-Design, das schon seit 15 Jahren Laien befähigt, Kampagnen-Konzepte zu entwickeln. Zum Beispiel die Kampagne für den Schweizer Kinohit «Mein Name ist Eugen».

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