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Email Whitelisting Best Practices for Email Marketing in 2021

What is email whitelisting?

Email whitelisting is the process of adding an email address to your address book or another approved sender list. This assures that emails from that address aren’t sent to the spam folder.

If email marketing is part of your marketing strategy, whitelisting is one of the best way to make sure the emails reach your subscribers inboxes. Email clients like Gmail and Outlook are creating different tabs to sort inbox automatically.

It is important to let subscribers know what they can do to ensure your emails don’t get sorted out of their inbox.

Whitelisting will help you make sure that the time and effort you’re putting into creating effective email marketing campaigns don’t go to waste.

Email whitelisting guide for both marketers and subscribers.

Benefits of whitelisting:

  • Your subscribers won’t miss out on promotional emails they signed up for.

  • Whitelisting will improve your deliverability

  • Your emails will actually be seen

The best time to recommend to subscribers to whitelist your email is immediately they sign up,so in the welcome email.

How to whitelist by email client

Apple Mail/iOS &OCX devices - Simply select the From or Reply to on an email.From there, choose either create new contact or add to VIP.

Android - Open the email message and tap the picture of the sender. Tap Save contact to my device.

Gmail web - Find the email from the sender you want to whitelist, and add them to your contact list. Create a custom filter by clicking the gear icon. Select settings, choose filters and new addresses, enter the email you want to whitelist and create a filter.

Apple Mail - Go to mail, preferences and click the rules tab. Choose to add rule and fill out the specifications then choose OK to save rule. - Go to the three vertical buttons on email preview, click those buttons and choose add to safe senders.

What about blacklisting?

Email blacklisting is the process of identifying IP addressed that have been associated with spam. Once your IP is on the blacklist, your emails may go immediately to spam or not be delivered.

How to keep your address and email off the black-list

  • Create an opt-in email strategy that includes asking for permission to send promotional emails.

  • Keep your email list clean by scrubbing at least once a year.

  • Never add anyone to your subscriber list without getting permission

  • Use a reputable email marketing service

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