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Employee Activation Program: Your Complete Guide to Success

No matter what position you might hold in the marketing department at your company, you’ve probably been inundated with “buzzwords” and new strategies on some recurring basis.

Some of those seemingly buzzy terms can quickly become valuable to the success of the business, especially when it comes to lead and demand generation.

However, another growing term and strategy that is becoming increasingly important is the idea of employee activation. But what is it? Why does it matter today? And how can your organization build an effective employee activation program?

What is employee activation?

Employee activation is a formal business program where the goal is to encourage your employees to engage, create and share content on topics that interest them and can also relate to their work.

Another term is employee advocacy. This concept has been around for a decade. Yet it is misunderstood as forcing employees to blast the same boilerplate message and company content to their network. This does not work as it’s not authentic, employees will dislike it and the audience can see right through it.

Why employee activation matters

When it comes to content, things are getting more challenging than ever before. For example :

  • Paid ads are getting more expensive and people are tuning them out

  • Social algorithms tend to bury company page content and news

  • People are looking for more genuine and authentic content

Employee activation should be a two-way street that benefits both the individual and the company.

Tips to building an employee activation program

  • Work on the work culture and employee experience

  • Harness current brand advocates for on-going support

  • Create a friendly social media policy

  • Establish employee activation programme goals

  • Step-up your social media content marketing game

  • Utilize technology to align your internal community

  • Address employee activation scepticism

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