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Facebook Adds New 'Optimize Text Per Person' Option for Automated Ad Customization

Facebook is now rolling out a new option in the ad set-up process called 'Optimize Text Per Person', which, when activated, will choose whether to highlight the primary caption, the headline, or the description text to each user, based on what Facebook's system determines that viewer will best respond to.

So if your ad headline was 'Winter Sale', and your description was 'Get discounts on all outdoor gear', Facebook's system may choose to swap them around for selected users, so that the main text would be the 'Get discounts...' prompt instead, based on what it determines each user is more likely to respond to.

It's similar to Facebook's multiple text variations for ad copy, which it added back in 2019, which gives advertisers the capacity to add several variations of their ad text in a single campaign, with Facebook's systems then be able to choose which version to display to different users based on their usage behaviors.

Screenshot from :

This new version is very similar, though it lessens the onus on the advertiser to create wholly different copy variants, with Facebook's systems now able to determine likely responses based on more simple elements.

Check the original article and learn more here

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