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Facebook Guide: Better Performance For Video Content

Facebook publishes a new guide with tips and tricks for video content production.

Facebook focuses on video content and gives users tips on how to perform as successfully as possible. In a 13-page guide, the company provides practical tips on live streams, videos and stories. The first part of the Best Practices for Video Creators Guide covers six different topics.

These are tips on how to produce new content or manage existing content:

  • Twelve valuable tips for Video Content Creator

  • Take your streaming software to the next level.

  • Repost current content or Evergreen Content.

  • Upload multiple videos at once in Creator Studio.

  • Organize your content with the new playlists.

  • Create a challenge or participate in one.

  • Mark your top stories on specific topics.

But not only the creation of content is important, but the viewers must also be kept happy and involved.

To increase engagement, Facebook shares the following six tips in the second part of the guide

  • Record a live video with a friend or fan.

  • Connect to Facebook groups.

  • Host a Watch Party.

  • Add a poll to your videos.

  • Get active in the comments.

  • Use stickers in your stories.

On the one hand, the list offers a good starting point and possibly an inspiration for your own content creation. On the other hand, Facebook goes further into the tips and provides clues that may not have been so well known. The guide offers insights and suggestions for all those who are building a new Facebook community and those who already have an existing community.

Experts share information on video content insights in interviews

Facebook has also uploaded several interview sessions with employees in the last months. In these, the internal experts use various video tools to show marketers and creators the options they have. The latest video is about insights into the performance of their own video content. The reason for the video is the update of the Video Details Explorer, which can be found in the Creator Studio on Facebook.

The Creator Studio is per se more oriented towards video content. With improved Insights, there are very specific insights into individual videos. Clicking on the thumbnail of a video in the Content Library takes you to the Insights page for that video. There you can monitor the performance and derive learnings for upcoming posts. An overview also provides a comparison with other posts published in the near future. The more specific Insights are already activated for most users. For those who cannot access them yet, this will change in the coming weeks.

With Facebook's focus on video content, it may be worthwhile to take a look at the company's tips. Those who want to improve their performance will find plenty of suggestions and tips in the guide and Facebook video.

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