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How Customer Relationship Management Helps Freelancers Win More Clients

The hardest part of freelancing isn’t actually the work. It’s the other stuff.

Hustling for contracts, digging deep to uncover what a project is really about and

Keeping track of who said what, when and on which platform, which is probably the hardest part.

With all that in mind, constant and clear communication is very important to manage your business relationships.

COVID-19 - The digital transformation enabler

COVID-19 has done a great job at encouraging companies to go digital, use virtual platforms and new tech.

It also posed a challenge for communication, Here’s why.

If you’re a freelancer, you probably have got a tone of tools making it possible to communicate across boundaries and ending the back-forth emailing but then again, it’s so easy to lose track of all these threads, especially across different time-zones and cultures.


Happily, there’s a solution to all this, a CRM!

Mailbutler is a good solution you could try. It is developed for freelancers and small teams. For

One, it’s budget-friendly and can be integrated with email. This saves the hustle of checking between CRM and Email.

Your clients are busy, so naturally, you want to email when it’s convenient for them so that you’re likely to get a response from them.

This is where the contacts feature in Mailbutler comes in. It gives you predictions of when it is best to send emails. It also shows when a contact opens an email and when they reply.

There are no tech skills needed to use this tool.

To explore the tool further,

Read the original article here


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