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How LinkedIn is Combining Paid and Organic Tools to Boost Virtual Events

LinkedIn debuted Virtual Events in May to help smooth the transition to virtual events.

More than 200,000 events have been hosted on the platform, reaching 10 million digital attendees

There are new discovery features, promotion options and data capture processes.

Here’s am overview of the updates and how you can use them to strategize for your next event.

Driving organic discovery

  • Personal recommendations in the “my network” tab.

  • Weekly email digests

  • Notify followers likely to attend when you post an event on your page.

Capturing leads

  • The platform is introducing is registration forms for events where details including names and details can be captured. This option is more streamlined for tracking attendees

Promoting and retargeting events

  • Page followers who are exposed to your organic content are 61% more likely to convert on your paid ad. Successful promotion involves a mixed strategy.

  • To boost the reach of organic posts around events, the company is rolling out “Sponsored Content Single Image Ads.”

Continued usage of video connection

  • 60 percent of members want to use video meetings on LinkedIn for networking. So LinkedIn announced the full roll-out of its video meeting options within InMessage.

COVID-19 has taught us that we can use technology and re-think the various aspects of in-person events from ticketing and registration to presentations, networking and meaningful ways to get everyone involved.

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