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How One Instagram Influencer Built Her Brand and Attracted 40K Followers

This article contains several lessons on various Strategic Campaigning Guidelines. No. 6 (persistence and perseverance in implementing the strategy), No. 3 (concentration of forces), No. 7 (impact orientation and coordination of goals and means) and No. 13 (principles of successful communication).

Instagram is the fastest way to grow a strong following, and there are many ways to achieve your goal. From the advice in this article, you have to be consistent with your overall goals. Are you aiming for authentic engagement, a pretty aesthetic, or a bunch of followers that are most likely bot accounts? After determining that, you are free to experiment with how to get there, because what works for other brands, may not work for yours, and the only way to find out is to remain flexible. Another key point is to reach out to other accounts and engage them in dialogue. Yes, it is ok to talk, it is actually encouraged in order to build an authentic network.

Once you believe you have the hang of it, and you have hit your target number, revisit this article to re-discover ways to reach your next goal:

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Die besten Kampagnen sind die, die von der Zielgruppe selbst entwickelt werden. Sie erzielen bis zu vier Mal bessere Resultate.

Dafür hat business campaigning GmbH das Target Community Lab™ entwickelt, ein spezielles Workshop-Design, das schon seit 15 Jahren Laien befähigt, Kampagnen-Konzepte zu entwickeln. Zum Beispiel die Kampagne für den Schweizer Kinohit «Mein Name ist Eugen».

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