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How to Create a Successful Virtual Event for Your Company

Due to the current worldwide pandemic, companies are having to shift resources to

Virtual events. Here are a few tips to help you create a successful virtual event:

  • Sharpen your titles and descriptions by having a written conference guide with compelling descriptions.

  • Keep the sessions short as it’s harder to keep a virtual audience engaged.

  • Use a moderator or emcee to help contextualize information, keep up the energy and deliver digital handouts or house notes.

  • Use the chat Q&A tools to encourage engagement, interaction and networking.

  • Have a run-through for presenters to familiarize with the software and prevent glitches.

  • Use cameras as this makes it feel more similar to the face to face experience.

  • Ensure the sound quality is good.

Online conferences do not have the obstacles and logistics of meals, massive conference infrastructure, hotel rooms etc but there is more time needed to work with each speaker and digital tools to create a seamless event.

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