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How to Create Engaging CTAs Users Will Have to Click On

What makes users want to click on the calls to action ( CTAs) on your site?

People are used to seeing CTAs in advertisements, emails, and on websites and social media platforms. If you want to really grab user attention, you must find the best ways to engage your particular audience.

What is the secret?

The magic formula takes a number of factors, mixes them together, and tests the results to see what people respond best to.

1. Define the shape

Your CTA button must be :

  • A definitive shape, preferably a rectangle or oval.

  • If you want a rectangle with a rounded look, curve the edges a bit.

  • Choose a shape people are used to seeing on other sites

  • Set the button apart with a bright color

2. Know your audience:

  • Create personas for each segment of your audience

  • Consider how they might respond to colors, shapes, placement, and


3. Add a pop of color:

  • Your CTA should stand out against other colors

  • You can even go outside your brand palette

4. Utilize icons:

  • An arrow, for example, shows that action needs to be taken

  • A play button indicates the person will view a video if they click on the CTA.

5. Choose the right placement:

  • See what converts best for your particular audience

  • Many people prefer to have it above the fold, while others feel the best place is after you fully answer consumer questions

6. Use first or second person:

  • Try to avoid using third person, which can distance the action from the user.

  • You may want to try various versions, such as “Get Free Guide,” “Grab My Free Guide” and so on.

7. Create a sense of urgency:

  • Offer a limited-time discount

  • Encourage them to reach out 24/7

Refine Your CTAs Constantly

Try different variations, colors, placement, and shapes. Over time, you may find users are less likely to take action. When you mix things up, you engage them again and encourage interaction.

Check out the original adaptation here

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