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How to Include Your Customer Support Team in Your Marketing Strategy

It is hard to innovate your business or marketing operations when information exchange among different departments is not effective.

It is especially worrying when your customer support team is isolated as that team is likely to have crucial insights to share with the rest of the company. This is the tea, at the forefront of customer interactions.

Information exchange is crucial to a successful marketing strategy, and yet about 80% of businesses surveyed do not have an efficient process.

If you really want to create a customer-centric marketing strategy, start by including your customer support team in that strategy.

1.Get your customer support team’s input on your buyers’ personas

No one knows your buyers’ personas more than your customer support teams.

UXPressia offers a free persona building tool that includes a collaborative feature, enabling various teams to work together.

2. Make your customer support team part of your content creation process

Customer-centric content strategy should include diverse content types targeting your customers’ interests and answering their questions

Customer-facing content types include:

  • Webinars

  • Videos

  • Whitepapers

  • Demonstrations

  • Value assessment tools

  • Product brochures

3. Include your customer support team into your social media marketing

Providing customer support through social media has lots of benefits:

  • Increased brand loyalty

  • Saving some money (83% cheaper than call centres)

  • Higher ROI (customers willing to spend 20% more on a product in the future)


Your customer support team is likely to be your company’s biggest asset: After all, they talk about your current buyers on a daily basis accumulating priceless knowledge of what worries and triggers them

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