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How to Manage a PR or Social Media Crisis

Aktualisiert: 8. Juni 2020

Is it worth it to have a social media crisis management plan?

You might be thinking your team is awesome, you are in a safe, tame niche or your followers aren’t that many so there’s no big risk.

However, many brands, small and big have found themselves in the mass media spotlight for a poorly worded or poorly timed tweet or post. We have a fast-moving news cycle nowadays and it spans out worldwide.

So as much as there are advantages to that in terms of who we can reach, the risks

are higher too. It is important to stay on top of things as a brand.

The way to do this is having a crisis management plan.

Here are 5 things you can do before a crisis hits :

  • Create Social Media and PR alerts

  • Form a Crisis Response Team

  • Establish a Crisis Chain of Command

  • Create several templates

  • Do a practice run

There are 10 steps you can take when a crisis actually occurs.

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