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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for Free

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for Free

To get your YouTube channel to take off, you need to promote it. It doesn't need to be expensive.

Every single minute, 500 hours of new content is uploaded to YouTube (Statista). That's 12,000 hours of new content every single day. Your video has a ton of competition!

How to promote your YouTube channel for free :

1.Create content worth promoting

Otherwise, you'll find yourself creating lacklustre YouTube content that people watch once, never subscribing and never engaging.

The simple process for creating YouTube content is this:

  • Choose the right type of YouTube content

  • Script (or at least outline) your video

  • Record your video

  • Edit your YouTube video

  • Upload your video

  • Add an awesome YouTube video thumbnail

  • Optimize your YouTube video

2. Use YouTube SEO

To make sure that your content is getting found on the platform, you'll want to use YouTube SEO so you're using the right keywords in your headlines, video descriptions, and tags.

3. Build a community

A great way to get started is by simply engaging with your viewers when they comment on your videos, sharing other interesting information, and always adding value to their lives. You can even set up a community section on the platform.

4. Collaborate with other creators

Collaborations are simple: two or more YouTubers work together to create a unique video for each of their channels. To make it happen, start by finding another YouTube personality with an overlapping audience. Then, reach out and make your pitch.

5. Run a contest

Contests tend to bring in a lot of attention and, when done correctly, will get you more YouTube subscribers without artificially inflating your subscriber count with folks who are just there for the contest and aren't really interested in your brand or your content.

6. Promote your YouTube channel on social media

In addition to your YouTube presence, you'll also need to have profiles on other social media platforms. Don't panic, we don't mean all of them. Just choose the platforms where your audience is most likely to hang out.

7. Use Hashtags

YouTube allows up to 15 hashtags—any more than that and all hashtags used on the video will be ignored. The sweet spot seems to be between 3–5 hashtags per video description.

8. Promote your YouTube channel in forums

Many forums have a strict "no promotions" policy. To get around this, make sure that you're adding value to the conversation. Don't just pop in, drop a link to your latest YouTube video and leave. Instead, engage with the people in the forum and share your content only if it will be of benefit to them.

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