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How to Tell a Captivating Brand Story

Stories are powerful, they are how our brains make sense of the world. Crafting your story humanizes your brand and creates a more personal relationship with your clients.

From eliciting emotion from your mission to being open about mishaps and setbacks, here’s how to tell a captivating brand story.

So how do you integrate captivating stories into your brand? Here are a few tips :

  • Focus on your purpose and not your product - It is much easier to tell emotionally captivating stories related to a mission rather than a product.

  • Name the hero and the villain - Your products are part of the toolkit to defeat the villain e.g. low self-esteem by Dove.

  • Share mishaps and misadventures - The use of failures and mishaps to humanize your brand and make it relatable.

  • Don’t feel pressured to create a fairy tale ending - Let go the pressure of having this fairy tale ending. It’s the beginning of a captivating story and not the end.

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