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How to Transform Your LinkedIn Presence; It's Not Just a Resume Platform.

LinkedIn is not a place to just highlight your professional experiences and achievements but also a place for you to stand out in front of 600 million professionals, according to Michaela Alexis.

It is also a multi-media publishing platform to help us achieve business goals-new jobs,clients,opportunities.

Michaela has had success on the platform including a viral articleHow I landed my dream job in two weeksand she shares her secrets.

There are three pillars to LinkedIn success :

  • Your content should be relatable. To be relatable, you need to start with who you are before you go to what you know. People want to connect with you first.

  • You need to be conversational - Think about the language in your posts and the act of fostering conversation.

  • The content needs to be helpful - Share resources and challenges that answer questions or address challenges.

  • Tell people what to do- be a leader and have a call to action in your message.

  • Find your tickle-trunk - Things that your audience can identify with. For Michaela, it’s coffee and a mug.

  • Let users see themselves in your story. What happened+why it matters.

  • Mind the LinkedIn algorithm- start conversations on a niched down topic

  • Think outside the resume- use LinkedIn as a personal branding tool

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