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How to use Facebook Ad Library to Beat Your Competition

The Facebook ad library is a dream. Access to your competitor’s ads, information on what’s happening in your industry among other benefits.

Facebook ad library was created for transparency however the use of personal data is still a hot topic. To create competitive ads on Facebook, there’s a lot of information to find here. With the right process, your audience reach, brand awareness, leads, sales and business growth goals will be met.

How does Facebook ad library work?

With the creation of a standalone Facebook Ad Library option, anyone can access all ads through this URL.

Ads are provided in the form of a search engine. You enter a brand’s name and all their pages will be presented.

5 steps to creating competitive ads:

  1. Collect a list of competitors

  2. Find Competitor Ads

  3. Collect add information

  4. Deconstruct funnels

  5. Create stronger Ads

Optimizing Your Copy

  • Customer-focused copy

  • Benefit driven

  • Use of imagery and video

  • Strong calls to action

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