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How to Use Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

The effectiveness of affiliate marketing is unmatched.It has been appreciated by many businesses all over the world.

According to data,affiliate marketing has increased significantly since 2010,and by 2022 is projected to reach 8.2 billion in the US alone.It became one of the many social media trends.

What is Affiliate Marketing on Social Media?

This is a form of marketing where products and services are promoted by other people and companies.The latter receives a percentage of the sales: this is the interest.

Several Important Terms in Affiliate Marketing:

  • The advertiser - is the actual manufacturer or seller of the product.

  • The partner - is the party that attracts traffic,It could be an influencer or other companies that drive the users interest.

  • The client - is the person who performs the targeted action.e.g buying a product.

Affiliate networks post relevant offers and act as intermediary between advertisers and affiliates.

Affiliate network income,is a percentage of the partners earnings,usually 10-20%.

Co-operation with them has a number of advantages:

  • Large coverage

  • Availability of a personal manager to help organize and improve the offer

  • Ensuring fast turn-over of funds

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Affiliate Marketing on Social Media.

The first thing an advertiser should do is trucking targeted actions,which require special tools.

With their help,you can:

  • See the number of targeted options completed

  • Make sure the customers come from a specific partner

By setting up tracking, you ensure marketing effectiveness,budget allocations,and partner guarantees.

These strategies will help:

  • Referral links - Provide referral links that can be posted by partners to websites,accounts,mailing lists or messages.

  • Promo codes - Every partner gets a unique promo code.

  • Tracking by referral source - This makes the prospect’s journey easier

Pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Ratio of ad clicks to landing pages

  • The conversion rate

  • Partner reward for one click (EPC)

  • Number of queries about your affiliate program

Finding partners:

Social media mentions - Find people who are mentioning you

Influencers - They have a large audience

Clients - Nothing is as effective as word of mouth

The best affiliate marketing practices on social media

  • Convenience of interaction

  • Visibility

  • Content quality

Social networks have become an integral part of modern life which is good for companies.Affiliate marketing is a great way to do so without spending so much time and money.

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