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How to use Tiktok for business

Tiktok is the trending social media platform right now. Why all the hype?

  • 800 million users

  • 1 Billion downloads

  • Covers make-up tutorials to 2020 presidential elections.

  • The home of Gen Z (16-24)

There is immense opportunity for businesses and content creators alike.

How do you market successfully market your brand on Tiktok and drive traffic to your site?

First things first understand Tiktok. Some things to note :

  • No overly serious content or traditional adverts, Tiktok users hate that

  • The platform is dominated by lip syncing, dancing and comedy sketches

  • You have 15 seconds to shock or captivate the users. Not easy

To promote your content, you will need to learn about : #challenges, influencer collaboration,In-feed video ads,branded lenses, brand takeover day and following trends.

This can sound intimidating but with creativity and an energetic attitude, it is possible to build a meaningful following and drive traffic.

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