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Interesting Work From Home Tips that You Didn't Know.

Aktualisiert: 29. Mai 2020

Due to the current situation, most people are working from home. There is

a lot of advice out there concerning working from home.

Here are a few not so common tips that might help you to be more

effective while working from home, some sound outright funny but here them out:

  • You can work in PJ’s just not the ones you slept in.

  • If your face doesn’t have to be on the screen,go for a walk during your meeting.

  • Your Zoom background isn’t interesting unless you’ve suspended yourself from the ceiling. Use the features.

  • Put on your shoes in the morning( I mean house shoes) anything to get you in the work mood.

  • Drinking lots of drinks will force you to take some breaks.

  • Don’t obsess over work hours as long as you get your work done

  • Call a friend on Zoom and try co-working.

  • Join large meetings 30 seconds late to make sure your face doesn’t get pinned.

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