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Is AI Ready To Replace Content Writers?

Is AI for content creation over-hyped?

Siri can listen to you and conduct a search from the internet without you lifting a finger, play you a song, and even run your smart home. Alexa can respond to your questions, play your songs, and perform other complex tasks.

AI is developing very fast and changing the way we work. Most companies are turning to AI to generate content faster but are that all it’s about? No, actually when it comes to engaging with the audience and content marketing, quality matters more. How does the content capture the audience? What emotion does it elicit? How does one get the audience to perform an action?

AI is used for content preparation, editing and research, but it still cannot fully replace humans just yet.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Lack of emotional connection with the audience

Human emotions are quite complex. In content, we appeal to emotions using certain anecdotes, phrases, nuances, and so on.


Humans are way ahead of any machine in terms of creativity. There’s absolutely no way to replace that yet


Machines cannot really encompass dedication. Most writers are so dedicated and passionate about what they do.


AI has fragmented knowledge of unrelated topics and sometimes barely manages to create good coherent content that builds upon itself

Human experience

The human experience forms engaging stories and informs a lot of writing. This is what provides the human-to-human connection.

Visual Content

Visual is the way to go when it comes to content creation because that’s what people prefer to consume now. AI cannot create videos yet.

What can AI help with when it comes to content creation?

  • AI chatbots can be used to help your customers with queries.

  • Search engines use algorithms and so AI can be effective with SEO as it works in a similar way.

  • AI can be used for research because it can gather user-generated feedback.


AI is helpful in reducing the time spent in the content creation journey but may not necessarily be relied on all the way without human intervention.


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