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LinkedIn continues to go full throttle and new features are constantly appearing within the platform. Currently, LinkedIn is rolling out two new features for the Company Page. A Lead Gen Form can now be integrated directly within the Company Page to offer interested parties a way to submit contact information. A new feature has also been included for Talent Acquisition. It is now possible to describe the job model and highlight selected additional benefits.

LinkedIn knows no bounds with new features and settings that span all areas of the platform. Although the platform has been around since late 2002, the big development push came after Microsoft bought the business platform in 2016. Today, the platform is strongly true to its motto: "Connecting professionals and executives worldwide, making them more successful and productive." Moreover, this is evident in that personal profiles get more reach on the platform than company pages. Nevertheless, company pages are of high importance on the platform. The pages create space to praise and value the services and products as well as the work of professionals and executives.


The platform also quickly adapts to the new working conditions that came into use as a result of the pandemic. A new feature of the site is that the working models and additional benefits can be entered.


Thus, at first glance on the Company Page, it is possible to see what the working model of the company is. Normally, such information is only visible on the company's career page - if there is such a section on the website at all. Those who already present the information on job arrangements and fringe benefits on LinkedIn can already score plus points with talent. After all, if you don't show what you have to offer, you don't have to wonder why no one applies.

There are three workplace arrangements to choose from:

  • On-site

  • Hybrid

  • Remote

With the selection of the arrangement follows a description of what exactly this designation means in the company. If you have also included this information on the career page, you can include the link below.

A maximum of three additional benefits can be selected for all three workplace arrangements:

  • Coworking Space

  • Corporate Offsites

  • Corporate Wellness Program

  • Dedicated Focus Hours

  • Flexible Work Hours

  • Flexible Work Locations

  • Complimentary Meals

  • On-site gym

  • Home office reimbursement

  • Mental health support

  • Non-linear workdays

  • Pet-friendly office

  • Remote workspace options

  • Virtual team events

  • Home office options

  • Work-From-Anywhere Weeks

A total of 16 additional services are available to companies, which can be presented on the Company Page. Those who focus on specific occupational groups on LinkedIn can thus also focus on precisely these additional benefits, which are also most relevant for this group.

If the Hybrid work arrangement is selected, detailed information can be provided as to what the usual on-site attendances are:

  • Flexible

  • Days per week

  • % of time

Further, location-based salary adjustments can be specified but are optional. Also, vaccination regulations in the company can be specified optionally:

  • Vaccination required for presence activity

  • Vaccination recommended for the presence

  • No vaccination required


Another new function is the integration of a Lead Gen Form directly on the Company Page. This means that potential customers do not have to go from the platform to their own website and "search" for the contact form there, but can already show their interest on LinkedIn. This can shorten the customer journey and reduce the bounce rate.

There are currently four call-to-actions for the organic lead gen form:

  • Contact Sales Team

  • Request a free demo

  • Try it for free

  • Get started

It is the case, as with the Lead Ad, that the URL of the privacy policy is mandatory. Further, the entry point to the Lead Gen Form can be personalized with a profile tagline and a main text for the form. For the slogan, the company page has just 20 characters available. Short and to the point, is the motto here. For the main text, there are just 200 characters. With the limited characters, what is offered must be described and at the same time show what happens after the contact details have been submitted.

The Lead Gen Form is displayed in the Start section, after the Info section. Unlike the Lead Gen Form in Advertising, the form cannot be customized.

The e-mail address, the company, the full name, and the job title are requested. In addition, it must be confirmed that the company may also contact the person via e-mail. The lead is then sent.

The admins of the corresponding company page do not receive any notification that a lead has arrived. The admins must actively go to the Analytics section and call up the "Leads" section there.

The analysis overview lists not only the leads generated via the home page of the Company Page but also the leads via the product pages.


The new functions of the Company Page put the entire appearance of the pages in the spotlight once again. All the more it is important to build up a well-thought-out strategy that covers the organic Company Page with the Paid area. Through the further details of the job model, potential talents can get a deeper insight into the working conditions and strengthen a possible interest in a job. On the sales side, the Lead Gen form is an ideal complement to the product pages and info area, so that targeted services or products can be pointed out. In addition, the "funnel" is shortened and the member no longer has to make the journey to their own website if the information on the Company Page is sufficient. And that is exactly why the product pages should also be decorated with services and the company's own products.

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