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LinkedIn Publishes New Overview of its Range of Ad Tools and Options

Given the chaos at Twitter, you may need to familiarize yourself with LinkedIn soon, and luckily, the team at LinkedIn has published a new overview of its various ad options to help provide you with a better understanding of exactly which ad types are best for each campaign and promotion in the app.

LinkedIn’s posted a full overview of ad specifics, along with a new, downloadable guide to LinkedIn ads.

The 7-page guidebook covers all the basics of every type of LinkedIn promotion, including newer formats, like Document Ads.

The guide also includes specific details on ad requirements, and how you can use each format.

LinkedIn is seen by many as the best alternative to Twitter for business-related communication and engagement. And with the platform continuing to see ‘record levels’ of engagement, it could be worth experimenting with LinkedIn ads in 2023, to see what kind of reach and response you might get.

Check out the original adaptation here

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