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LinkedIn Updates Feed Algorithm to Downrank Engagement-Baiting Posts and Polls

As LinkedIn continues to rise and achieve record levels of engagement, the opportunity for “growth hackers” that trick the algorithms to maximize their content performance.

Most social media managers have KPIs and target given to them. But eventually, when everybody’s doing the same things, it can get a bit much. LinkedIn is moving to update its algorithms to crack down on some posts that users don’t want more of.

What is LinkedIn against?

Engagement baiting posts

These are posts that expressly ask or encourage the community to engage with content via likes or reactions – posted with the exclusive intent of boosting reach on the platform.

LinkedIn may penalize you for this

Too many polls

Polls are also a bit of a cheat code to LinkedIn engagement, with the simplicity of engaging making it a tempting lure to get more engagement.

But again, now the marketers have overdone it, and LinkedIn users have had enough of polls for the time being.

Political content

To fix this, LinkedIn is testing a way to give users the option to reduce political content in their feed. Currently, this is being tested in the US. LinkedIn may further develop the feature and expand it to more regions and languages.

Reducing notifications

LinkedIn is also working to reduce its notifications, so you won’t see as many updates from your network.

You may not get a lot of value from seeing a connection’s comment on someone else’s post about a job change if you don’t know that other person. That’s why LinkedIn wants to be showing you more targeted activity from your network, and where you’ll be more likely to join the conversation, too.


These will no doubt be welcome changes for many LinkedIn users. The polls were getting pretty crazy, and engagement baiting on any platform is always a bit needy.

Check out the original adaptation here

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