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Mr. Campaigning taking over

©️ Lorena Valentini Metzinger (LOVA)

Last week business campaigning Ltd. published the following media release which

found quite good coverage.

Dietikon. Peter Metzinger, who has been campaigning since 1982, says goodbye to business campaigning Ltd. and has founded "Mr. Campaigning AG". Mr. Campaigning supports companies, industry associations and other organizations in coping with crises and complex challenges ('impossible missions') in the areas of corporate management, marketing, communication and politics. If necessary, he draws on a network of specialists and partners to put together the optimal team for each case.

"Where others see only two ways, there is often a third", says the author of the standard book 'Business Campaigning', organizer of the Campaigning Summit Switzerland and Campaigning pioneer of Switzerland. "This is one of the guiding principles we follow."

Mr. Campaigning AG emerges from the former The Reputation Rescue Company AG by changing its name. According to Metzinger, business campaigning GmbH is to be sold or liquidated after the last mandates have been processed.

The reason for this step was the observation that Metzinger has been called and presented as "Mr. Campaigning" again and again for twenty years, and more often in recent years. If one gets such a clear feedback from the market, one should not ignore it, so his wife suggested to appear under this name. The form of a stock corporation was then the ideal solution because it offers the opportunity to bring partners on board.

According to Metzinger, he is called Mr. Campaigning, but the right Mr. Campaigning was his teacher in the eighties and nineties. After Metzinger became self-employed in 1998, Mr. Campaigning disappeared. Since then there have been reports of sightings in crisis areas, mostly before the end of the crisis, but nothing is known for certain. He is currently said to be in the Amazon. Commitment to a better future for mankind had always been an essential part of Mr. Campaigning's mission.

Therefore, the support of innovations is a real concern for him, says Metzinger. This also includes the fact that, together with National Councillor Martin Bäumle and ETH Professor Anthony Patt, he recently developed a proposal for an air ticket levy, which as a first proposal received support from environmental representatives and from both Zurich Airport and Swiss International Airlines, as the NZZ On Sunday reported. Instead of a levy that would lead to fewer flights, they are proposing to switch to synthetic kerosene by 2050. "Where others see only two ways, there is often a third," Metzinger repeats.

Because of a 20-minute interview on Credit Suisse's current reputation crisis, it was decided to bring the publication forward, while work continues in the background on the new corporate design and a new website.

A preliminary version of the website can be found here:

Media release in German:

Interview with Peter Metzinger (in German):

Contact and new E-Mail:

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