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Publish WordPress articles as Twitter threads

WordPress' users can now publish their blog posts via Twitter. Instead of linking to their own page as before, the posts appear in a Twitter thread.

Tweets were once limited to 140 characters. So all authors had to weigh their words on a gold scale because every statement had to be short and crisp.

Now users have 280 characters per tweet at their disposal.

Advantages and disadvantages of the new function

WordPress indicates that this way the engagement of the users can be increased. If you have an active following on Twitter, you may see this as an opportunity to enter into a stronger conversation with them.

However, it is questionable how useful it is to keep potential traffic away from your own site and instead keep it on Twitter. After all, the own site usually offers more insights into user behaviour and monetization options.

How to post your WordPress articles as a Twitter thread

Connect your Twitter account to your WordPress account. If Twitter is selected, it is now possible to publish the whole article as a thread instead of just sharing the link to the article.

Photos, videos or lists are formatted on Twitter in a sensible way.

Tweets end with the end of the sentence and not with the maximum number of characters.

Twitter threads can also be imported into WordPress for some time now. These so-called Tweet Storms can be converted into a post with the new "Unroll" function when embedding a tweet.

Read the original German article here


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