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The 20 best CTA Examples You Can Use to Increase Engagement

Aktualisiert: 23. Nov. 2020

Strategic Campaigning Guideline No. 14 (Build Golden Bridges) tells you to make it as easy as possible for your targets to do what you want them to do. That is the purpose of a great CTA.

(Peter Metzinger)

How do you get better results when it comes to engagement? Focusing on clickable CTAs is one way to achieve this.

What is a CTA?

A call to action (CTA) is a message included on landing pages, home pages or pop ups that encourage visitors to take an action. E.g. Learn more, Subscribe, Buy now, Sign Up etc

Sometimes, you just need a few examples from other top-notch marketers to go off of.

Here’s a list of 20 awesome CTA examples to fast track your success:

  1. Purple: Learn More - Although “Learn More” is a pretty simple CTA, it’s perfect alongside the selling point in the ad.

  2. Netflix: Get Access - “Get Access” is a CTA that implies a bit of exclusivity. This CTA, combined with the rest of the copy on the page, lets users know that Netflix can offer them access to popular shows and movies that they aren’t going to be able to get anywhere else. Plus, the use of “cancel anytime” makes it even easier for users to say yes.

  3. Evernote: Sign Up for Free - Evernote uses whitespace to ensure that the bright green CTA button stands out to users. Plus, using “for free” in their CTA reduces friction for users who may be hesitant to pay for the app before knowing if it will work for their needs.

  4. Apple TV: Watch Now - Has a very simple CTA that’s supported by the drama of the website itself.

  5. Earth Hero: Treat Yourself to 10% - It lets shoppers know that they can—and should—treat themselves when the products they’re treating themselves to are sustainable.

  6. Epic: Start A New Project With Us - They use the cost-neutral and powerful word “start” before signaling that they’ll be a partner in your project by using “with us” at the end of their CTA.

  7. CloudSpot: Get Your App - “Get Your App” which is a great way to draw users into the offer and is better at getting users to feel that the app is for them than, say, “Get Our App.”

  8. Proof: Request An Invite - The headline copy primes visitors with the assertion that you can “convert up to 300% more leads and sales” which makes the “Try for free” CTA even more tempting.

  9. Shakr: Schedule A Demo with us - Video marketing software solution Shakr starts off their headline with some pretty powerful words: “grow your brand.”

  10. Lyft: Prepare To Ride - The CTA lets riders know that they’ll be able to get more up-to-date information that will help them ride safely.

  11. Office Vibe: Try It Free - OfficeVibe’s entire page is focused on getting users to commit to a free trial and uses a variation of “Try it free” throughout their site

  12. Dropbox Paper: Browse Template Library - Dropbox is trying to drive traffic to their site, specifically their template library. They start off strong with a bit of FOMO marketing (fear of missing out)

  13. Canva: Design Anything - You can design and download before you’re presented with a sign-up form.

  14. 4Ocean: Join The Clean Ocean Movement - The copy for the CTA (“Join the clean ocean movement”) is everything that the visitors to this site need to be ready to sign up. Plus, the 10% discount offer is a very nice touch.

  15. Visit Greenland: In Winter or In Summer - Here we’ve got two CTA examples from one site. Normally, having two calls to action is not recommended, particularly when they lead visitors to two different destinations.

  16. The Listings Lab: Fill Your Calendar with Appointments - The Listings Lab uses an excellent CTA to encourage visitors to sign up for their lead magnet.

  17. HubSpot: Get Free CRM - This CTA example from HubSpot leaves nothing to chance. It’s simple and direct, letting visitors know that they can get access to HubSpot’s CRM for free.

  18. Lush: Build A Gift - Here, you have the button that gives yet another great CTA example that personalizes the call to action, pointing directly to the visitor to build their own gift instead of just “a” gift.

  19. Dollar Shave Club: Try the Club - The word “try” works for many readers because it implies an easy out should they not like the product.

  20. Trello: Sign Up: It’s Free - Trello starts out with a bold headline that lets visitors know what Trello can do for them and their team.

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