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The 'Ethics' You Didn't Know Existed in Design

A writer from Hubspot talks about his experience with a certain website that made him

Judge that brand in a negative way.

She clicked the site, looking for some information but the the screen went dark and a giant CTA

With “subscribe to our email” popped up, completely interrupting her experience. She couldn’t find the “No Thanks” or “X” button for a while because it was so faint and almost the same colour as the background.

It was pretty obvious that this was a trick to have site visitors sign up before accessing the site.

What is design ethics?

Using design ethics, often referred to as ethical design, involves producing graphics, webpages websites and visual aspects of technological products that

Are not misleading, valuable and helpful to customers. It involves considering aspects like user experience, inclusion, audience pain points and accessibility when producing, reviewing or adjusting designs.

Why are ethics in design important?

Today’s consumers pay attention to the morals of a brand

If you want to create content and that demonstrates your company values, you should regularly review your brand’s design ethics.

Ethics in graphic design

  • Designs shouldn’t be misleading

  • Designs shouldn’t hurt the user experience

  • Messages, disclaimers and policies should be clear and legible

  • Use proper representation and embrace inclusion where possible

Ethics in the design of technology

  • Designs should be accessible

  • Designs should promote safety and security

  • Consider or respond to unethical dilemmas

How to promote ethics in design

  • Audit your past designs

  • Review your current projects

  • Pivot if needed

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