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The Three Key Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

There are three distinct types of influencer marketing campaigns:

  • Brand awareness campaign

  • Traffic/clicks/sale campaign

  • User-generated content campaigns

Each campaign has unique strategies, attributes and distinct story-telling techniques.

Brand awareness campaign


Go with bigger influencers to spread the word quickly. Schedule content so it posts continually and consistently throughout the campaign.

Go for macro-influencers with large audiences.


Use Instagram as it has better ROI. It is also less expensive than YouTube


Key strategy: Create Instagram content that is visually appealing

It should represent your brand well and be authentic.

Traffic/Clicks or Sale


Create contextual content that highlights the utility of your product.

Type of Influencer

Macro-influencers with popular well-trafficked blogs.

Optimize and retarget

You might not be able to convert visitors the first time


Blogs & YouTube

Good for SEO, longevity, branding and long-term ugc

Instagram's stories are also good for message testing.


Key strategy: Skip the product placements and instead, lure people into using aspiration as the carrot, not your product.

Strategically embed your products and give them context as part of a larger piece of content

User-generated content

Strategy - Focus on getting tons of good content

Use micro-influencers


Think of UGC campaigns more from an art direction standpoint. The goal is typically more about getting inexpensive content with full rights that you can use any way you want.

Tailor concepts to hit specific business targets.

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