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Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make on Instagram, and What to Do Instead

Instagram is not a platform to ignore. With over 500 million active users and an engagement rate 10 times higher than that of other social sites, it’s worth investing the time.

Well, what if you are a B2B and your products or services aren’t necessarily Instagramable? It can be such a huge challenge.

Here are some 5 mistakes companies make :

  • Not pushing followers to your own platform - use stories, opt-ins etc to link to your own platform.

  • Using Instagram follower automation tools - You want real followers that will engage with your brand and not just a number. Use hashtags, post regularly, like and comment on other posts.

  • Posting only about your company - Instagram is casual and laid back. You’ve got to be dynamic. Post your employees, travelling, your office dog etc

  • Ignoring Instagram Stories - You are leaving out a lot of reach and engagement on the table.

  • Not engaging with your Instagram followers - The algorithms will not favour your posts.

To succeed on Instagram, build relationships and post engaging content.

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