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Twitch Emote Sizes and Guidelines

Twitch is one of the world’s largest streaming platforms, with nearly 2.2 million creators broadcasting. The competition is stiff.

Twitch emoticons “emotes” are a great way to stand out. Making them attractive and eye-catching is a great way to show your personality. Twitch has built-in emotes but Affiliates and Partners can access custom emotes.

Here are some guidelines on creating and importing custom emotes:

  • Files should be in PNG format

  • Three size variants for each emote design

  • File less than 25KB

  • Images should have a transparent background

  • No feathering or blurring images when viewed at 100% resolution

  • Designs should not violate any of Twitch’s terms of service

  • No use of copyrighted designs and content without permission.

  • No images of celebrities

How to find custom emotes for Twitch

  • Twitch Emotes - An exhaustive free list

  • Twitch Subreddits - Reddit has subreddits for almost all topics under the sun

  • Better Twitch TV(BTTV) - A free extension you can plug into your Twitch account

  • Commission Artistes on Twitch - You can find freelance artistes on Twitch

  • Fiver for Twitch - You can find experienced designers here

16 steps to creating appealing emotes with GIMP

  1. Install GIMP

  2. Open GIMP

  3. Create a new file

  4. Specify emote dimension

  5. Access advanced setting

  6. Make the emote background transparent

  7. Create your emote

  8. Save your emote design

  9. Create the other size variants

  10. Set new image dimensions

  11. Save new image files

  12. Upload your emotes to Twitch

  13. Access your dashboard

  14. Access settings

  15. Access emotes page

  16. Upload your emotes

Create unique emotes for your channel

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