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Twitter Makes Frequency Capping Available for All Ad Campaign Types

Twitter has added a new control option for marketers by making frequency capping available for all campaign types globally.

Frequency capping enables you to set a limit on how many times each user is shown your ad within a given time frame.

That makes sense - when initially looking to establish brand recognition, pushing your ads too much could lead to fatigue, as your target consumers might feel like you're overdoing it, but once they've shown clear interest, and your products are front of mind, maintaining that connection could help to nudge their decision making, when done right.

Frequency capping gives marketers more options on this front, enabling you to control how often your ads are shown to each user within your campaigns. So you can limit your exposures to early stage groups, then up it once you establish that initial interest (whether via conversion tracking tags on your website or your own internal metrics).

It's a good option to have, providing more capacity to manage your Twitter ads, in alignment with your specific requirements.

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