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What Makes a Brand Stand Out on Social Media

There are many ways to make sure your brand stands out on social media

Tips to Standing out on Facebook

To stand out on Facebook, we must realize that we are competing for attention with a whole lot of people and family events as well. Facebook was initially created to facilitate staying in touch with friends and family after all. The platform has evolved over time into a marketplace as well, so all these purposes are served at the same time.

How should a brand grab attention? If you look at the newsfeed, you will realize that the videos and images are the most prominent and with the most engagement. So a good way to stand out is to create great visuals and videos that are interesting and can be shared. If your content achieves this, then people will even share it with their friends and family.

Making your brand stand out on Instagram

Instagram is all about beautiful images, aesthetics, and mood. You want someone to think, “I want that!” once they see your image or video and respond positively. The image needs to resonate with the people you are targeting to prompt a response and trigger emotion.

For your Instagram feed to get the most engagement, keep consistent themes, filters, and aesthetics going.

Instagram is all about beautiful imagery. Whether an image is posted by a brand or a friend, a lot of thought goes on before posting. To stand out, produce content that is inspirational. Beautiful food performs so well on Instagram because once someone sees it, they think "I want that" and respond with a like or comment. On a grander scope, brands like Herschel and Fossil connect with their followers with inspirational lifestyle imagery. When followers see an image of someone hiking with their backpack, it resonates and conveys meaning. Images that stand out on Instagram are ones that trigger emotion.

It is also important to keep a consistent theme going with similar filters and aesthetics because branding is all about consistency.

Making your brand stand out on Twitter

People go to Twitter for news and real-time updates. Your content is competing with politics, news, and trending topics. So your content must be relevant to the moment.

Have you heard of the term tone-deaf? This means being insensitive to current happenings. Brands risk being perceived as tone-deaf when they don’t address current situations in the world. So it’s good to study the social media climate and news, be compassionate and relevant while selling at the same time.

It’s also worth studying trends and trending hashtags in addition to real-time posts

Making your brand stand out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is about personal branding. It is important to stand out by optimizing your profile as the digital footprint of your brand.

Consider switching the blurry pictures for good professionally done pictures. LinkedIn is the place to showcase your skills. Consider it as your online resume.

This is also a place to create a professional network, thus promote your personal brand. Be authentic and personable as you connect. People connect with other people easier than they do company brands.

Publishing content and sharing it is a great way to showcase your skills and thoughts. This is a great way to build a personal brand as well.


Marketers and consumers differ in what they believe makes a brand best-in-class on social media, according to recent research from Sprout Social.

About the research: The report was based on data from a survey conducted between March 30 and April 6, 2021, among 1,002 US consumers and 1,001 US marketers.

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